5 Times You Really Need an Amarillo Realtor


Some people will insist that you never need a realtor. Just sell it yourself! It’s simple! And sometimes, it is simple. Other times? It’s really not. Here are five situations where you really need a realtor on your side.

You Only Want to Speak With Serious Buyers

One aspect of selling your home that you don’t realize will eat up a lot of time is dealing with the lookie-loos. After all, for the “prospective buyer,” the only thing it costs them to look at your house is the gas and the time. You’re the one who has to rearrange your schedule to be home. A few missed appointments and visits from “buyers” who you’ll never hear from again will quickly show you just how valuable a realtor can be.

Fighting Stacks of Paperwork

Do you know what paperwork you have to fill out to sell a house in Texas? There are a lot more local and state laws involved than you might think when it comes to selling a house. For example, every single home sold in Texas requires the current owner to fill out a Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition, essentially a very detailed checklist of what your property does and doesn’t have, and any work you might have done on it. That’s just one of dozens of potential paperwork roadblocks you can run into that not just make a sale hard, but can derail it entirely. A realtor can navigate these problems for you, and make getting past them a bit easier.

It can be hard to stand out without a realtor.

If You’re Not Good at Negotiating

A realtor’s entire job, really, is negotiating a fair sale for both buyer and seller. If you don’t have somebody looking out for you during a negotiation, it’s fairly easy to get taken advantage of. There are plenty of stories of a home sold by its owner for a price far too low, or agreeing to spend a lot more money on the property than they really should have. If you don’t enjoy negotiating, get a realtor to do it for you.

You Want to Cast as Wide a Net as Possible

Realtors often work together to help sell each other’s properties. If a realtor doesn’t have a house that meets a customer’s need, they’ll often know somebody who does. Working with a realtor gives you access to a network of interested buyers and will help you find somebody looking for your home who may not look twice if you were selling it yourself.

You Want to Spend Your Time Doing Something Else

The reality is that selling your home is a time-consuming and difficult task when you go it alone. You have to prepare your house, deal with paperwork, handle any difficult would-be buyers, put up the listing, keep your home clean and in good repair, and, oh yeah, actually sell the house. If you’ve got a job, or just other personal commitments, it can be an exhausting, stress-inducing chore.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, contact a realtor. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

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