5 Features to Mention in Your Amarillo Real Estate Listing


When writing a real estate listing for Amarillo, it’s important to know what buyers are looking for. We’re not talking about how many bedrooms your home has or when it was built. Instead, you need to know what features to emphasize that you can’t find in a listing’s photos or in the data that’s entered about the house online.

Ease of Commute to Work or School

In looking over homes that have sold in Amarillo over the last year, one aspect that has popped out again and again is that the listing emphasized how simple it was to get from from the home’s location to downtown or the business districts, and especially how simple it was to get from the home to a nearby school. Ease of commute is a big deal for home buyers, and it’s not easy to show in a listing’s other information, so be sure to mention it when writing the text.

School District

Another very common thread were that they mentioned what school district the house was in. This is obviously key information for many, many reasons, but the most obvious is simply that many families are looking to be in a specific district, especially Canyon. If you know what district or school you’re close to, consider bringing that up in the listing. If nothing else, it’ll help buyers find exactly what they’re looking for for their families.

Nearby Amenities

Right by the schools was often a list of nearby amenities. These ranged from golf courses to parks a short distance from the house to easy access to shopping or any of a number of other amenities. The key factor is that these features provide more character and help the buyer put the home into a better context with their lives. A younger couple might want to live near dinner and dancing options while an older one might appreciate the park nearby. Make sure your home has the proper context.

Photos tell part of the story. Your listing should tell the rest.

Quality of the Neighborhood

Similarly, listings that discussed the larger neighborhood they were in were more likely to sell. Most people, of course, want to live in a nice neighborhood, but “nice” means different things to different people. Just be careful when describing the neighborhood. If you leave your listing open to interpretation, you might find buyers turned off by what they think is a problem.

Recent Work Done to the Home

While this is generally disclosed in forms filed by the seller in the first place, many ads took a moment to mention recent renovations or remodeling. Home buyers like to see that the previous owner has been keeping the house current, as it means fewer problems for them down the line.

Remember, with a listing, you always need to be direct, honest, and concise. It can be difficult to cram all of the above in a paragraph, so simply remember that for when you work with a realtor on a listing. Showing the intangible benefits of your home is often what sells it.

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